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The New Atomic Structure of Water
By Lynn Eykamp Copyrighted.


The more inquisitive of scientific investigators have questioned whether Dihydrogen Monoxide actually exists in a pure state or even if it can exist at all. Examples of such discussions can be found at;
Google gives 9 million hits to “water is not H2O”

What can be gleaned from this debate is ‘who really knows’ and that’s assuming water is actually H2O. There have even been movies about “Water-The Great mystery” but academia is firmly entrenched in that water is H20 despite all the anomalies. Theories have anomalies, facts do not.

This The New Atomic Structure of Water is a condensed written personal study on the subject of what is water and what water can do. Studying for more than twenty years in various locations and with gifted inventors to document and record some remarkable experiments and devices all based upon water.

Any New Theory must be backed up with experiments and lots of them. Some of these experiments have been done 100’s of times. All experimental results referred to have been done and can be done again. This is not scientific fiction but repeatable science facts, even if the results test the imagination of the reader.

The only 3 sources on the internet that exemplify the New Atomic Structure of Water are;

Q Mechanics available at amazon.comBasic Methodology of Field Science
Found at magneticwaterscience.com

First the Theory.

In the book by Keshe “Structure of Light” it basically says light is, that it is the release or emission of astronomically large numbers of these “cylindrical plasma, where the plasma of the light is in possession of all three magnetic fields strength of the matters of the plasma (the principal, transition and the matter magnetic fields).”

The Electric Sun/Universe Theory refers to the Sun’s Plasma but fails to identify its structure. https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2011/08/18/10609/ but it does call into question what ‘matter’ is. It fails in any meaningful understanding as they still think in terms of particles like electrons and protons ie “the fields are generated by electrons spinning around the nuclei of the atoms”. A theory based upon a theory to explain what’s visible to the eye. Does the moon spinning around the Earth create the magnetic field surrounding the Earth? If matter spinning around matter creates magnetism it should not matter the size of our particles remember, this IS the Electro/magnetic Universe. One acts as an emitter and the other as a collector? Has anyone postulated this spinning solar system’s planetary as the origins of the suns magnetic field? They are symbiotic not independent. This interaction of Neutronic Fields is what gravity is in simplistic symbology.

In the Basic Methodology of Field Science, being written some 4 years after the book Q Mechanics is a more graphic explanation of the book, where its authors set forth a new approach to the atomic structure and what this means for inventors. It was the book that spawned a R & D Co to invent along these insights. The basic thrust, and this came 10 years or more before Keshe, was that matter/energy was a format of energy bars forming a pyramidal structure. Keshe calls them ‘cylindrical plasma’ and the simplest structure that can be formed by these ‘cylindrical plasma’ bars is one with 6 bars to form a 4 sided pyramid.





Image from Games and Theory Skrinjar

This 4 sided pyramid structure made of 6 cylindrical plasma bars, is the “atom” that Democritis was referring to when he stated the ‘atom’ was the smallest parcel of matter and all of creation is composed of this ‘atom’ in varying amounts. Thales 624 -546 BC was one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Many, most notably Aristotle, regard him as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition. Aristotle 384-322 BC reported Thales’ hypothesis that the originating principle of nature and the nature of matter was a single material substance: water. Democritus 460-370 BC would have been fully conversant with Thales as he came before Aristotle when he expounded or simplified even, the understanding of the Atom (4 sided energy structure) as the only building block for ‘matter’. Historians prefer to forget Thales’ influence on Democritus. Thales and Democritus didn’t just dream this all up. History and archaeology have been mostly ruled by the Islamic doctrine that nothing is to be dug up if it contravenes the Korans dating of man’s history that nothing is older than 4000 BC despite the water marks on the sphinx and only bronze tools.

From practical experiments conducted before Q Mechanics, and prototypes but from the bools concepts plus ongoing for the last 25 years of more prototypes by a gifted inventor and the theoretical experiments from the differing “cell” or water module configurations to impart permanent magnetic memory changes to water. Or Electro-Magnetically Restructuring Water into Oil, Coal, Tea Tree Oil or kerosene. Or Electro-Magnetically restructuring the human bodies stored toxic wastes to be restructured into inert excretable wastes.

There are many sources that demonstrate water is affected by magnetism and electricity and exhibits strange properties like attraction to magnetism and memory. A magnet placed on internally corroded water pipes will slowly remove the corrosion. Electro-Magnetically restructuring the calcium into WATER. (well dissolved in your words) What if a Magnetic Field Generation device was placed in a bucket with rocks and within seconds the rocks turned into water? Or raw sewerage turned into fresh drinking water in seconds? There are some pictures of this having been done 100’s of times at magneticwaterscience.com

If (sun) light is ‘cylindrical plasma’ or bars of energy that heat up ‘matter’, then what is fire from a match, what is lightning from a rain cloud and what is a light emitting diode or filament in a light bulb if not exactly the same thing. What happens to the Bars of light/plasma when they cool down? What is ‘radiation of energy’? Does the words X-rays, Infrared rays explain anything about its structure of why it vibrates? In any search for an ‘element’ its ‘frequency’ is sought not the size of its nucleus. Something is vibrating or spinning or both. Fluid dynamics is all about vibration and application/removal of plasma energy conglomerates. Given their nature is like a bar magnet they quickly attach to other similar vibrating bars and so are rarely, if ever, found as a singularity. Fluid Dynamics includes rocks as ‘everything is (a formatted field of) water’ some are just frozen differently and under Geo Magnetic forces its why rock strata can be bent and looped out of shape. Doesn’t require heat just a magnetic field disturbance. Similar to removing calcium from pipes. It doesn’t always require heat/boiling to get the water to dissolve more salt or other impurity. Or in New Science terms, It doesn’t always require plasma conglomerates to get the impurities (other frequencies of vibrating plasma pyramids) to electromagnetically restructure into pure Water, the natural harmonic of Element W. Just an understanding of magnetic fields. Cold Fusion.

What is heat if light emitting fire can affect water on the other side of a boiling pot? The electron theory invented in 1896 fails in how its made as an explanation. If “electrons” are responsible for light and heat and motive force and are made either by a chemical interaction or from spinning magnets, where do all the electrons come from in either case? How do electrons come from fire or acid between plates of lead? The explanations are all theories.
This is an important point to remember. Theories are not facts. Theories are and were only ever imagined chains of events to explain nature.

The Particle Science of Nuclei inhabited with Protons has so many holes and exceptions it could only have been designed by a committee of scientists. What could be simpler than a singular structure of Light Bar or Magnetic Plasma Bar, being Democritis’s ‘atom’ as the singular building block for all of creation built with a never ending chain of ‘little magnets’ in an infinite 3 Dimensional kaleidoscope parcels of energy that have intercourse with their electricity.

Higgs Boson? You just cant make this matter up.

Man only tends to believe that which his imagination can devise apparatus’s to detect to explain what which he doesn’t understand. The thermo nuclear particle theory of the sun being a hydrogen and helium endless chain reaction until it runs out of steam is so Piscean Age of the Dreamers. Welcome fellow travellers to the Age of Aquarian Enlightment. The Plasma Universe is finally explained to the smallest “particle”.

Next the Practical.

Newer devised apparatuses created into existence to duplicate nature.

We will get to this soon enough





Bio Electric Charge and the Treatment of Infertility in Equine Breeding

By Lynn Eykamp Aetheric Physicist


Lynn Eykamp was a former Director of Q-Tech Laboratories, a Research and Development company which specialised in newer concepts of Energetic Medicine. Lynn built and developed the Q2 Energy Spa “Orb” from its beginnings in 1996 on his farm to a worldwide marketed product on the cutting edge of Energy Medicine. Along with another company, the Aqua Chi, (an identical and off shoot product) it is estimated some 20,000 of these units have been used by individuals, Chiropractors and alternate Health providers in the last 17 years.

The Concept;

The application of DC electricity to an “antenna array” or Orb immersed in a tub of water to increase the Bio Energy of life forms within the water and in this particular case infertile mares. The Orb develops a Bio Electric Charge within the tub of water which is absorbed by the mare. This Bio Charge is to enhance the mare’s immune system and cellular functions. In the years of 1997 to 2005 many positive results were obtained in Alternative Healing centres and in some individual cases, with infertility, as the Orb was trialled by 10,000’s of people worldwide.

The Application;

The use of the Orb requires the feet or hands or the whole body to be immersed in a tub of water. Treatment is for 30 minutes every 2 days and involves DC electricity to be applied to the Orb during treatment. A Horse Spa was purchased for this application.

The Initial Concept;

In about April 2004, it was decided to use the Orb technology for the ‘performance enhancing’ attributes that theoretically can be obtained by increasing of the Bio Charge of a race horse. Not knowing much about the breeding of or the thoroughbred racing industry, Lynn, his son Nicholas and Ian Symons a local trainer purchased a colt from the Scone Yearling sales for the price of $8,500 and named it Upsized. The project was to follow the guidelines that Lynn had learnt about Bio Charge Enhancement from his Directorship at Q Tech Laboratories.

Upsized was to be trained and Orb bathed in his first preparation leading up to his fist race. Instructions were given to give UpSized another Foot Bath with a “specialised” version of the Orb, the Silver Neutral on the morning of the race. Upsized easily won the Tattersalls Gourmet Club Plate at Randwick on Sat 26thOct 2004, his maiden race.

It was unfortunate that the Trainer thought it was due to his training rather than the Orb and no further Orb Baths were given to Upsized. The pin was pulled on Orb baths and horse trainers.


The Next Step;

With disagreement in training procedures, and much knowledge gained from this interaction of the racing industry, Lynn decided to breed thoroughbreds rather than buy a yearling so as to “breed in” this enhanced performance. With funds being short, the place to start was well bred mares with infertility problems as the trial from people using the Orb indicated infertility was reversed in females. Some statistics show infertility in the thoroughbred industry is as high as 15% so there must be some well-bred mares amongst their numbers.


The Six Mares;

Over the course of the next few years starting with Eleebana in Jan 2005, 6 mares with infertility issues were purchased.

Eleebana, Dinwit, Foottapper, Astonishment, Transparent Lass and Asia.

Eleebana came from Ballarat Vic and was purchased at the end of the breeding season with another miss. The Stud Master there said it was due to her egg follicle not releasing and thus missing. We placed Eleebana in the paddock til July and commenced Orb Baths for 2 months when she fell in Foal on her first service in early Sept. Eleebana was bathed for her next service the following season but not since and has had no issues with fertility since.

Astonishment was purchased at a thoroughbred sale in 2006. After a month of baths she fell in foal on the second service to E Dubai. Her history was one foal in 4 years with misses in the preceding 2 years. In 2007 the following year she was sold as a 3 in one package.

Transparent Lass was a little bit more difficult and she was given Orb baths for a month as well as other natural regimes. The previous owner did not believe she was pregnant and even after phone calls, he drove from Brisbane to Murrurundi to personally view the foal nursing Transparent Lass. She ruptured herself in a subsequent birth and even though no baths were needed to get her in foal, the injury left her permanently infertile.

Dinwit was purchased for 500 from a Stud in Tamworth late in the breeding season as they had given up after 5 unsuccessful breeding seasons. We gave Dinwit 6 baths before she came into season and she fell in foal first service on the 22nd Nov 2007.

Foot Tapper was purchased for 500 at a thoroughbred sale. She was given only 5 baths and fell in foal first service to Octagonal. Unfortunately the Foal ran into a tree and broke his neck. Foot Tapper’s history was 4 unsuccessful breeding seasons prior to our treatments. We sold the mare the following season.

It must be noted that NO form of veterinary procedures or drugs of any kind were administered to the above 5 horses. We feel that the absence of traditional Veterinary procedures coupled with a natural diet of no manufactured supplements or feeds was best with the Energy baths in order to prove that the baths constituted the major influence in treating their infertility.

The mare Asia was the last mare purchased as we felt 5 from 5 was worth the investment.

We were informed from the owner’s contacts that her problem was “mosaic” genes. No expense was spared by Jim Flemming’s Stud to get Asia in foal.

We bathed Asia for many months prior to her first Service. We understood that getting Asia in foal wasn’t the problem it was her keeping it. She absorbed the embryo. Our Bio Energetic understanding indicated that her ‘problem’ was not that she had not enough Bio Charge, but that she had TOO much of a positive charge, so the baths actually weren’t helping. She required a ‘balancing technique’ whereby direct DC stimuli was to be applied to her bodies ‘meridian energy lines’.

It should be understood that the body can take months or even a year or two for the effects of prolonged Bio Charge enhancement to be noticed by the user or subject. After two years of treating Asia, Funds ran low and the whole project of breeding mares was terminated.

How the Bio Energy of the Orb Works;

This is theoretical biology. Part of the mare breeding program was to do a kind of clinical trial for infertility but using horses instead of humans.

The theory states, in part, that mammals are more a Bio-Electrical energy user rather than just a nutrient consumer and that bodily functions are based more upon the differing bio charges of bodily fluids that individually are more of a magnetic nature in their interaction.

So in the case of fertility, the magnetic attraction between the sperm and the egg has to be of a certain magnetic attraction strength for conception to take place. And as exemplified in the case of Eleebana, her Bio charge wasn’t sufficiently strong enough for the body to release the egg. Generally, infertility is because the egg isn’t sufficiently charged positively for the negatively charged sperm to be attracted to the egg.

The overall increase of the Bio Charge of the mare being enhanced by the Orb’s action of converting artificially created magnetic energy being converted to Direct Current and “charging” the water so the mare absorbs this charge energy and all functions of the body can now have the correct charge and if the infertility is caused by lack of bio charge or ‘life force energy’ then the problem should be fixed with just a couple baths as happened in the above mares.

This theoretical Bio Charge enhancing the horse’s natural functions could mean that when used in a training program, muscle building and stamina are increased. More on this aspect should be done.


The History behind the Invention of the Footbath or Bio Field Enhancement.

In January 1996 I met Joe from Northern N.S.W. It was an arranged meeting by Wayne Goss a retired Government ‘employee’.  Wayne had come to my farm to see if I was a substantial person while on route to interview Joe about his car modifications known as the Joe Cell. The next week I met with Joe and Wayne and for 3 days, Joe explained his ‘cells’ and how they operate. No further contact was had with Wayne Goss.

During the next 8 months until early September I visited Joe many times at his home in Northern N.S.W. and during these visits I was shown quite a number of concepts and a couple if working prototypes. They all involved using a unique configuration or array of stainless steel either pipes or cones and powered with DC electricity in an unusual wiring format.

Joe was not a scientific person and had no formal education and thus his terminology was unscientific. He nevertheless was able to demonstrate the many uses of his cells and I proceeded to make 3 designs based on his prototypes. While many 100’s of people by this time in 1996, had seen and attempted to build or reverse engineer his prototypes for the more advance energy production concepts, I was more intrigued with the effects on biology, bio energies and the resultant healing properties. I understood that it was healthier to promote healing than better weaponry delivery systems for humanity to understand this Water Science.

With the 3 ‘JoeCells’ I had built during the first half of 1996, I noticed both for myself and several other persons some remarkable healing incidents. The most immediate was that anyone in the presence of the ‘beer keg’ cell, would, after about 10 minutes, have a great urgency to urinate and upon doing so would pass the most pungent urine they had ever passed.

One person had been bitten by a wasp on his testicles and they were very swollen and he was in unbearable pain. After about 15 minutes with both his hands in the beer keg, he experienced immediate relief and within another 20 minutes exclaimed it was as if he had never been bitten at all. This was repeated with a spider bite not long after. Joe said that there were two actions at work in these incidents. 1. The body was absorbing the energy created by the JoeCell and this allowed the body to carry out its natural functions of elimination more efficiently and 2. The organic toxin neutralisation was because of the water purification in the beer keg was transferred into the human body when immersed. The body was being assisted in the dumping of toxins for the Ultimate Detox Bath.

It was decided in September of 1996 that Joe, myself and another, Alan Rush would form a partnership to advance these concepts. It was unfortunate that Alan had other ideas about what constitutes a partnership and it fell apart in a matter of weeks. Joe had indicated to Alan that if the 3 of us couldn’t make it work he was going to quit inventing and withdraw back to just family life. It is important to note that Joe did not put together another ‘cell’ or even power up an existing one until 2007. For 10 years Joe became a recluse so to speak after Alan’s faux paux.

Within just days of the Alan Rush affair collapsing in Sept 1996, in a letter from Terry Skrinjar and Steven Walker, they offered knowledge about “alien technology”. (I still have the letter)They did so because they had just received back from the publishers a book entitled “Q Mechanics” which in essence, explained the new atomic structure of both the ‘atom’ and the ‘Aether’ defining it as an energy matrix comprising that everything is an energy format or Everything is Water.


Just as Tesla said “everything is energy, frequency and vibration”, Terry and Steve had provided a book with terminology to explain the JoeCell and its altering the thermodynamics of water and energy within its field of influence. Thus introducing Field Science and challenging every known law of thermodynamics and Particle Science. Terry went on to explain that certain advanced military research labs in the world well understood “Field Science”.

During the next 2 months, Terry as the originator of the Q Mechanics book, was queried about all that I had learned from Joe. Verifying that what Joe and his cells could do in reference to Terry’s terminology without mentioning Joe.  During this verification process Terry built several “hyper charging” devices in my farm workshop, to show what “charging” water can do. The company Q Tech Laboratories P/L was incorporated on the 2nd December 1996 with Terry, Steve, Ernest Hogg and I as the 4 directors. Ernie’s daughter was Terry’s partner.

As venture capitalist, I directed the company’s future towards a water based healing product. Terry said he could design a better Bio Electric Field Enhancement device than my old JoeCells. The first one I built in my farm workshop in April 1997. It was NOT as ‘powerful’ as its predecessor the JoeCell, but it had the huge advantage of not requiring a stainless steel bath tub to function efficiently.

While Q Tech went on to make a couple more prototypes, none worked as planned and none were actually finished as a working prototype. (except maybe the ‘clothspeg’ which was just another inline filter or surge protector for electricity cables)

During the next 4 years up til 2001, many concepts were put forward as to advancing the BEFE unit or as it had become known, the Q2 Energy Spa. I personally made more than 8 differing arrays based upon the Q2 Energy Spa orb. A solid platinum and gold orb, a solid silver orb, a silver neutral orb, a gold neutral orb, a triangular shaped array, and all of the above with a unique item placed in the middle of the orb enhancing the Field with Special Frequencies. Some of these unique items included a jade marble, gold marble, and a special crystal. We even placed a test tube in the negative power DC line to fill with fluids to alter the frequency of the energy powering the orb.

These modifications were based upon the concepts of advanced DNA and genetic modifications and one concept we called “Cross Germination” and in another concept whereby the latent abilities of the user may be enhanced like extra sensory perceptions. It was unfortunate that due to internal politics within the Company of Q Tech Laboratories, that Ivan Serensen a former Pizza Hut employee and Electrical Engineer became the sole Director and it appears he places more importance upon the power supply rather than the advanced uses of the Orb. It should also be noted that the Orb was designed with a cradle in the centre of the orb to hold such unique items. The DC current applied to the orb could also have differing hertz and frequencies further enhancing its healing properties.

Such other uses by varying the frequency of the DC input included turning water into oil or other such liquids in a process we called “chemical emulation”. In a trial of transformers supplied by various manufacturers in 2000, one particular transformer had the property of turning the water into a ‘paraffin’ type oil. Another use was to permanently charge water so as to make a battery that never lost its power. None of these concepts were ever investigated even though prototypes existed and in the case of the permanent battery it was not pursued after the Joe design was shown to Terry.

With the demise of the Company Q Tech Laboratories Directorship, no new ‘field science’ products have been brought forth and one former Director Steve Walker has been much more successful in sales numbers since 2000 when he started the Aqua Chi product. The Aqua Chi is an exact replica of the original Bio Electric Field Enhancement unit or BEFE unit with a better ring replacement design and considerably cheaper.