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All contact is joecell(at)

If you wish to become an experimenter of the SilverJoe Cell send an email to joecell(at)

We will not debate the existence of “particle science” or whether water is H2O or not.  Please read the Science section and understand that all answers will be given in our science terminology.

We will endeavor to answer questions on this Field Science. To this end, this website is the first contact point for your questions as to what the Field Science of Element Water can or could do for you.
Please respect that this is divinely inspired and subject to limitations.
This science, while proven, is in the experimental stages of dissemination and you are the first generation of Field Science scientific experimenters . It is your role to prove everything. We cannot take any responsibility for your actions and we declare that any information we give is for research purposes only and you bear full responsibility for your own actions. Experimenting with Field Science (which comprises the Human Bio Field) is much the same as playing with a chemistry set, some things go Bang.
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