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The SilverJoe Cell

This unique item has as its design principle;  To Magnetically Field Charge liquids.

The format of 4 wires creates a Magnetic Field around the 4 wires and when used with a AC to DC power supply also increases the Bio charge for Life Force Energy Enhancement. It also has many other uses as Magnetically Restructured water exhibits many properties.

The SilverJoe is available in  either 120V or 240V and is made with Silver rods so as to Electro-magnetically restructure the water into a Silver Solution to replace the outdated “colloidal” or “ionic” silver degrading solution makers.

It must be stated that this device must be replicated EXACTLY as originally built. ANY change or deviation in parts, materials or wiring format will see the device not function as intended. When one changes the specs one changes the Field generated. This includes water types, electrical source and all parts and construction materials


There is an add-on ‘Energizer Electrodes’ for the more advanced student of Bio Energetic Healing Field Sciences.


For more on the usage, operational procedures and benefits to Bio Life force Energies see……

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prices start at $300. This is more than just a silver solution maker, it is a Bio Field Enhancement unit with the added benefit of making an improved silver solution for all the reasons one makes silver solutions.



The Hand Cell

This Unit is handmade by Joe himself.

It features a twin tub cabinet on wheels with an In-Line Magnetic Cell for ‘pre-charging’ the water when topping up the basins. Each basin has a JoeCell charging array, one producing a ‘negatively’ charged water and the other producing a ‘positively’ charged water so as to correctly charge the Bio Mass with an aligned polarity when inputting a Bio Charge. This Hand Cell is far more advanced than the Q Energy spa device (Aqua Chi) of which the first one in the world was built in my farm workshop.


Price is available on request. Best suited to a high volume clinic. Similar and even more Advanced Joe Healing Cells may be available upon the right inquiry.


The In-line SilverJoe Cell.

This is an experimental design based on the 4 rod Format for Charging or infusing Bio Enhancement Energies into a tub of water that more than one person can soak in. It should be renamed the Cocoon Enhancement Charger after the Movie “Cocoon”. Will undergo more testing this summer in a 2 person spa where the use of any ‘pool chemical’ for sanitation purposes is purposely left out as a trial. Silver Solutions should not require any ‘chlorine’ or similar additives.

The picture is the experimental model but can be upgraded in size or a completely new design is available for the interested. No backyard pool will be complete without one as soon as the word gets around.

This Item is only made after a 50% deposit has been made for its manufacture. Prices start at $3000 for the item shown. (which is for sale after this summer). Est time to delivery approx 3 weeks.

In Line SilverJoe Cell


The Platinum Genetics Orb.

This advanced prototype of the original Q Energy Spa Orb , Electro-Magnetically Field Charges water and was built with Gene Technology as its design parameters. It also (theoretically) enhances junk DNA within the individual who partakes in its Energies.

Clinical Trials in 2003/5 showed the transference of DNA between differing species of agricultural seeds when germinating together in a vessel of water being charged with this Orb. (DNA Teleportation was patented in 2011?) The IP was buried initially as it needs to be released to the ‘right’ people. For the special price of $100,000 this device and the Gene/DNA Technology IP is available if you ask the right questions.

The rings and tracks are made with pure 9999 Platinum and Gold. Not the standard 316 Stainless Steel and Copper rings. Drinking water from this Life Force Enhancement device has been known to enhance the senses including the 6th.

DSC00446 DSC00449

Upgrade Your Bio Energy Enhancement Orb

The concept of taking a bath in Bio Magnetically charged water for the healing and treatment of all ailments known to mankind, was conceived in 1996 by myself (Lynn Eykamp) In 1997 the company I started and incorporated began manufacturing the BEFE array or Q2Energy Orb spa or Aqua Chi. The concept came from understanding the many uses of a JoeCell and its effects on the magnetic Bio Field of Water.

The Company, Q Tech Laboratories, has since failed to fully market and clinically trial this most amazing healing device or its many variations and prototypes.

If you own or wish to own one of these more advanced units, or you wish to upgrade your existing orb or array. their are two initial upgrades offered. There are others upgrades but not at this time.

The Silver Neutral and the Atlantean Fire Crystal Upgrades (or both)

You can either just have your Orb or Array upgraded or purchase an upgraded orb or array

Prices start from $500. It depends upon what you have and what you want.

If you bought a cheap or otherwise, a Copied “FootBath Detox” or Ion Cleanse Detox” Save yourself further grief and throw it away. (or prove to yourself and do the Tomato test and watch the copy degrade Life Force energy even faster)

DSC00421 DSC00428

The Gold or Platinum 4 Wire Generator

These are experimental devices based on the SilverJoe Cell. One could use any metal in this configuration and I would suggest making one from Stainless 316 rods as an initial experiment. The Gold or Platinum Generator starts at $4000 depending upon the diameter of the rods. The Gold version requires a special built power supply as one suited for this format is not available commercially.

Platinum Rods
Gold Rods

If you own one of these we can upgrade it to a Silver Neutral as well.

The Aqua Chi array